The Beginner Brewer: December 2012

Friday, 7 December 2012

Books on Brewing

It's nearly Xmas, and that means that, at least for me, a fair amount of stress as I try to find just the right gift for  loved ones. For the homebrewer however, there's always an easy bet: books on brewing.

So here are three absolutely essential books that every homebrewer should have on his or her bookshelf. They've taught me a lot, and here's hoping you'll find value in them too!

Homebrewing for Dummies

This is an absolutely excellent read. Whether you're a beginner or advanced homebrewer, this book by Marty Nachel will have something to teach you.

Don't let the 'Dummies' title put you off. There's an excellent section on bottling and kegging, as well as more recipes (in every single BJCP style) than you can shake a pint at.

Worth buying and worth buying for a friend!

Clone Brews

This delightful book by Tess and Mark Szamatulski is a tour de force of various styles of beer and how to brew them at home. Attention is paid to extract and full grain homebrewers alike, and the erudition and attention to detail found inside the pages are more than worth the price of admission.

A particularly cool feature of the book is the food recipes and pairings suggested. So even if you're not a homebrewer, this book will help you decide exactly what dish to serve with that bottle of Duvel you've been saving for Xmas.

The Home Brewer's Answer Book

The final selection in this book round-up is this little (in size, not content) book by Ashton Lewis. He's the Mr Wizard answer guy at Brew Your Own magazine. This powerful reference guide is for anybody who really wants to improve his or her homebrewing prowess.

It covers topics that range from how to identify infections in your beer (hint: ropey bacteria ain't fun), to how to cultivate yeast 'sampled' (stolen) from commercial beers.

The sheer psychological benefit of having The Home Brewer's Answer Book handy while brewing is more than worth it's price. Get it! Today.

Hope you enjoyed this post! That's the final one for 2012. I'd like to thank everyone who read the articles, posted comments, and enjoyed the amazing hobby of homebrewing alongside me this year! I'm off to Cape Town for some serious craft beer research--watch out for the occasional Tweet or Facebook post on my adventures there.

Thanks and see you on the flip-side!