The Beginner Brewer: Scum, Beer & Villainy: Episode 2

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Scum, Beer & Villainy: Episode 2

Episode 2 of our podcast about beer, geekery, and everything in-between is freshly out the oven and ready for you!

In this episode, your hosts bemoan the curious resilience of the slop bucket at beer festivals, debate what beer appreciation is all about, and they talk to the head brewer at Drifter Brewing Company about why you'd want to hide beer at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Show notes:
Drifter Brewing Company :

On Tap magazine:
Music by The Motherland:


  1. I am so impressed by the podcast you guys do. After the second one,I am now a groupie! And to top it, I'm a "beerginner", not crafting or brewing, just enjoying good artisan beer! Can't wait for the next podcast. Beer Girl

    1. Thanks Beer Girl! You rock! We're working hard to bring more wonderful ear beer to you! Our Xmas special edition episode should be ready soon!


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