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Our mission: To produce a podcast about craft beer, beer geekery, general geekery, and other cool stuff that we're into.

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Episode 1: WTF does Saison mean?

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It’s the inaugural episode! In this wondrous celebration of amateurish podcasting, hosts Marcel and Matt punt way too many things, discuss the Saison beer style, have some beer (more than a few, actually), and talk about what to drink while watching Blade Runner. They also complain about not having a name for the podcast, but through the magic of time travel, the name is now confirmed, dear listener!
They review Citizen’s Pacifist Winter Porter and Marcel goes on a bit of a rant about why BJCP hall monitors deserve to be imprisoned.
Show Notes:
Find out more at:
Link to the BJCP style guide:
Info on Electric India, a Saison / IPA hybrid that rocks:
Music by Fridge Poetry:


Episode 2: Sunken Drunken Treasure

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In this episode, Marcel and Matt bemoan the curious resilience of the slop bucket at beer festivals, debate what beer appreciation is all about, and talk to the head brewer of Drifter Brewing Company about why you’d want to hide beer at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Show Notes:
Drifter Brewing Company :
On Tap magazine:
Music by The Motherland:

Episode 3: Mr. Musk, you need us.

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It’s the Holiday/Festivus special edition! Just like your drunk uncle at the Christmas dinner table, Matt and Marcel go on for way, way too long. Even when everyone has fallen asleep or gone home! 
In this episode, our intrepid hosts geek out on Star Wars, Tom Cruise, and beer. Jozi goes up against Cape Town in an IPA cage-fight of awesome between Agar’s Tomahawk and Woodstock’s Californicator. Belgian beers are tasted and discussed. Somehow, WWF and rodeo also enter the fray but not before scientific ineptitude is displayed. Join us for the last episode of 2016.
Show Erratum: Rodeo riders have to stay on the bull for 8 seconds, not 6. 
Show Notes: 
International Trappist Foundation.
Agar’s Brewery.
Woodstock Brewery. 
Music by:


Episode 4: The Krausen are Invading!

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In this episode, Marcel blames Matt for everything, including the long hiatus in recording the podcast. We review more than a few craft lagers and Matt tastes glaciers. We also look back at the best and worst of 2016 where the long-awaited argument about Mad Max: Fury Road finally happens. Join us for our New Hope episode!
Show Notes:
Some more reading on small-batch brewing:
Music by: The Deaf Commission


Episode 5: We've got Floaters

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It’s our IPA episode! Just in time for IPMay. We go through an impressive array of IPAs, including the New England style that looks like dishwater but tastes anything but. Matt and Marcel discuss iconic Sci-Fi stuff and debate the real meaning of “floaters”. 

Matt expresses his hatred for almost all the days of the week and we uncover what is perhaps the quintessential Faux-PA in SA right now.

Don’t miss this one. Serious beer will be consumed in a non-serious fashion. You’ve been warned.

Show Notes:

Music by Tiger. Visit them at

Fudge by Cheryl Amy Jones bakery. Visit them at

Beers tasted:

Devil’s Peak Blockhouse IPA
Citizen Saboteur English IPA
Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy IPA
Riot Valve IPA
Redrock Brewing Firebird IPA
&Union Friday Uber IPA


Episode 6 (Shorts): Battle of the Blondes

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In our first rendition of SBV Shorts, we focus on Blonde Ales. Matt and Marcel bemoan the lack of subtlety when it comes to marketing these great little gateway beers but have a good time despite themselves.
Beers tasted:

  • Drifter Brewing's Cape Town Blonde
  • Agar's Jozi Blonde Ale
  • Two Okes Blonde
  • Devil's Peak First Light
  • That Brewery Company's Blonde